Located at the northern end of Silver Lake, Camp Saturna offers a beautiful, quiet, and tranquil atmosphere for the enjoyment of the outdoors.  The lake, the surrounding mountains, clear air, and abundant wildlife all make it possible to relax and recharge from the busy world.  Only 45 minutes from downtown Bellingham, 1 1/4 hours from downtown Vancouver (via Highway 1 and the Sumas crossing), and 2 hours from downtown Seattle - the Camp nestles in the Cascade foothills just 1 mile south of the Canadian border.
Whether visiting for an afternoon or a week, you will leave refreshed by your Camp experience. The Camp provides a gateway to those wishing to hike 5,000’ Black Mountain, rising calmly above Silver Lake and owned by a forestry company that grants open access for many activities. 
We have no cell phone or internet access, meaning you avoid social media and its induced feelings of envy, anxiety, and inadequacy. Disconnected, you will rebuild your self-esteem, avoid depression, sleep soundly, and forget promotions that can make you feel terrible.  And if you cannot fully“digitally detox," the Camp has land lines and limited wi-fi at the lodge that also connect our automated safety alarms.